Starting with purchasing several used cigarette machines from America and Europe, PT. Djitoe Mesindo then repaired the machines and resold them to small and medium enterprises in the country (Java), in Southeast Asia such as the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, and then the UAE, Brazil, Paraguay, Burundi, Uganda, and East Europe.

In the 1990s, there was a lot of demand for reconditioned cigarette machines worldwide. At that time, the new high-speed cigarette machine, apart from being very expensive, the producers who produced it were also very few. Only the big tobacco companies could afford the new cigarette machines. From seeing the gap between supply and demand, an idea emerged for a business opportunity in the recondition of cigarette machines with Low-Speed and Medium-speed machines.

We gradually started building new engines and moving up to the S4000, FM400, F80, S6000, S6000E, to S7000 models.

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